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Doro New Products – Three New Feature Phones

Featured Product – Doro Launches Three New Easy to Use 4G Mobiles

Doro, the market leader in mobile phones for older people have introduced three new easy to use sub £100 4G feature phones. As you would expect from Doro, the products are hearing aid compatible and are have easy to navigate menus. All have shortcut keys for easy access to messages and camera. For peace of mind, all of the new phones include the Doro Assistance Button on the back of the phone. This can be used to alert designated contacts in case of emergency. 

All three products are ideal for users who just want the phone for making calls, sending messages without the hassle of a complicated modern day smartphone. The 4G connectivity future proofs the user as the mobile phone operators look to modernise the network. 

Each of the phones comes supplied with its own charging cradle. This makes it much easier to charge than plugging in a fiddly cable, it also provides a convenient place to keep the phone when not in use. Using the charging cradle in this way also ensures that the phone is always kept fully charged whenever you may need it. The HD Voice Technology lets you hear conversations clearly, even in noisy environments. 

Three New Handsets

The Doro 5860 is a traditional sleek candy bar design. Both the Doro 6820 and Doro 6880 are a clamshell design, popular with users who want to protect the screen. This design also allows a larger screen and keyboard in a smaller more compact form factor. With an extra loud ringer and receive volume, these Doro handsets have been designed with the hard of hearing in mind. The high contrast black keys on a white background make dialling easier for those who are visually impaired.

The range topping Doro 6880 also features a convenient external display. This lets you see who is calling before you answer the phone. It also shows notifications of any unread messages.  All three of these 4G Doro feature phones are in stock now at Handset Solutions and available for next day delivery.

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What Doro Say

Peter Marsden, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Doro, says:

“The launch of our three latest 4G feature phones will provide our customers with a heightened user experience and are perfect for those that prefer an intuitive, easy-to-use device. They have been designed with our customer insights in mind, which show that older users value functions that are specifically tailored to their needs. Whether this is HD voice technology, adjustable font sizes or well-separated keys, by combining these flagship Doro features in a 4G enabled feature phone, the handsets provide our users across the globe with the connectivity they require.”

Doro 5860 4G Feature Phone

£58.50 ex.VAT £70.20 inc.VAT

Doro 6820 4G Flip Phone

£70.50 ex.VAT £84.60 inc.VAT

Doro 6880 4G Flip Phone

£78.00 ex.VAT £93.60 inc.VAT