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ICS Retail Headsets

ICS Retail Headsets

We have all seen the increasing use of wireless communication headsets in retail and hospitality sectors. These Retail Headsets keep teams connected with crystal clear full duplex two way communication. A connected team is always more efficient. A connected team can considerably cut down the time it takes to help your customers and and get the answers you need. Increased efficiency means better customer service. Better customer service also means bigger profits. 

How Do They Work?

ICS Retail Headsets work use robust, tried and tested technology. Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology or DECT as it is better known provides high quality, secure communication between your employees. 2-way radios where you have to ‘push to talk’ and only one person can speak at a time. ICS Headsets provide an open channel with natural sounding two way speech. In their simplest form all you need is a single base station which supports up to 8 headsets. However, the system is completely scalable and you can add more base stations and more headsets. You also have the option to set-up sub groups. This enables different employees with different job roles to converse independently from each other. You can also connect the headsets to your telephone system in order to take external calls. This applies to both on premise, or hosted telephone systems, including users of Microsoft Teams.

ICS Retail Headset User Cases

We look at some of the industry sectors where customers are already using ICS Retail Headsets.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

ICS Headsets enable checkout staff to get real-time assistance from colleagues located elsewhere in the store without having to leave the till or use a tannoy to call for help. A colleague out on the shop floor can check a price, bring an alternative product, or check stock of an item quickly and efficiently. This not only improves the customer experience, but also speeds up the checkout process and therefore keeps the queues from building up. Staff can also let teams communicate discreetly to improve store security and keep an eye on anything suspicious. Additionally employees can save time having to go and find colleagues and can get instant answers to any questions that may require arise. 


Whatever the size of the establishment, ICS Retail Headsets can improve the efficiency of your team. With instant real-time communication you can ensure tables are clean and ready for customers. Your front of house staff can communicate with the kitchen, order more drinks, and also check to see how long an order is likely to be. Quicker, more efficient service also enhances the overall customer experience. If a customer wants to check the ingredients in case of allergies, you can ask the kitchen directly and get your customer an instant answer without having to disappear off to go and ask in person. Telephone integration can also ensure that all calls are answered and you also won’t miss those all important bookings. 

This flexible communication solution is ideal for numerous other industries. Anywhere that staff efficiency can be improved by providing them with means of real-time 2-way lines of communication will benefit from an ICS Retail Headset solution. Other successful installs have also included book shops, hotel conference suites, car showrooms, department stores, bars, tyre repair centres and technical support teams. 

What’s Next?

Stock is available now from a UK warehouse with prices for a Base & 5 Headset Bundle starting from as little as £1950 Ex VAT. ICS Headsets provide a cost effective alternative to market leader VoCoVo Retail Headsets. Nationwide site surveys and/or installation service are available for larger or more complicated implementations. Full UK technical support is also provided. For more information or to discuss your requirement call one of our sales team on 01937 302302 or instead you can complete a contact form here today and one of our team will then contact you.