Ipevo Totem 180
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Ipevo Totem – New Budget Friendly, Portable Video Conference Cameras

Handset Solutions are excited to introduce two new low cost video conferencing solutions from Ipevo. The Ipevo Totem cameras are highly portable plug and play Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) desktop cameras. They can be connected to any device via USB-C connection and are compatible with virtually any conference platform.

Totem 120 Conference Room

So, what do we like about them? Firstly, the price. Both the Totem 120 and the Totem 180 are available for less than £300. Anyone familiar with video conferencing will recognise that for a small/medium room solution, this represents a real bargain. The Totem is the perfect solution for SME’s who may previously found the price dedicated video conferencing equipment prohibitive.

The second thing that we like about the Totem is the portability. You can pack it away when not in use, and it’s easy to move from room to room. Maybe you have a couple of meeting rooms, but can’t justify having a video conferencing set up in each. The Totem is ideal, just plug into your laptop via USB-C, launch the conferencing app of your choice and you are good to go.

Ipevo Totem 120 Multimodal Conference Camera

There are two versions of the Ipevo Totem to choose from, firstly the Ipevo Totem 120. As the name suggests the primary view angle of the Totem 120 is 120° which is perfect for small groups and small meeting rooms and huddle rooms. The Totem 120 is what Ipevo call a multimodal camera.

Not only can you use it for BYOD video conferences, it also doubles as a high quality document camera. In document mode, the angle can be adjusted so the camera will aim downwards, and the field of view adjust to 80°. This narrower angle is perfect for viewing documents, we also found it idea for individual video calls. The Totem 120 has AI enhanced video framing which ensures that all participants are always in frame.

Totem 120 Document Camera

The audio is also AI enhanced, cleverly eliminating background noise whilst keep the voice clear and natural sounding. We recommend the Ipevo Totem for users who want a portable conferencing solution for small meeting rooms, and those who require a document camera.

Ipevo Totem 180 Conference Camera

The Ipevo Totem 180 uses two 4 MP cameras to capture the who room. The clever technology then seamlessly stitches the image together to provide a 180° view free from spatial distortion. This allows you to maximise the use of your space and ensure that everyone involved with the meeting is in frame. The AI auto framing adjusts the image to optimise the view of the meeting participants, adjusting is someone enters or leaves the room. You can also adjust the view to 120° at the touch of a button. The Totem 180 has two omnidirectional microphones which come with a built-in noise-reduction. This ensures that everyone’s voice is clearly heard on the other end of the online conference.

Totem 180 Conference


At a price point of under £300 these  conference cameras from Ipevo are going to be a game changer, particularly for SME’s. The Totem conference cameras provide a high quality plug and play video conferencing solution that you can easily move from room to room. Easy to connect to the host laptop, easy to use and compatible with virtually any conferencing platform. We expect the Totem 180 to be the bigger seller, but the dual use of the document camera will make the Totem 120 a compelling option for some users. The Ipevo Totem 180 also features in our Buyers Guide to the Best Video Conferencing for Meeting Rooms in 2023