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Product Review – Yealink WH6 Wireless Headsets

For as long as we can remember the premium wireless headset market has been dominated by Poly (formerly Plantronics) and Jabra. Yealink are set to challenge that duopoly with their first foray in the wireless headset market with the Yealink WH6 range of Teams focussed cordless products. Over the last couple of weeks the team at Handset Solutions have been taking an in-depth look at the Yealink range to give you our verdict

Yealink WH66 Teams Workstation

The Ideal Headset for Microsoft Teams

The Yealink WH6 range is aimed at the unified communications market. With the dedicated Teams button and close integration with Microsofts flagship collaboration platform we think this is going to be a real hit with Teams users. First and foremost there is plug and play connection to a PC or laptop via a USB-A connection. However, this isn’t just a PC headset. The modern business professional works on a range of communication devices and the Yealink WH6 range is designed to be the centrepiece of your UC workstation. The WH6 range offers native compatibility with a range of Yealink desktop telephones.

The premium Yealink WH66 and Yealink WH67 versions also enable connection via Bluetooth to your mobile devices. The base of the premium workstation models acts as a fully duplex handsfree speakerphone. We found this useful for enabling impromptu collaboration with colleagues in the office.

Yealink WH6 Range Product Variants

Next let’s have a look at the different versions of the Yealink WH6 range of wireless headsets. It can easily be broken down into the entry level and the premium range products. The Yealink WH62, available in both Mono and Dual wearing styles, and the Yealink WH63, a lightweight convertible headset with a choice of wearing styles. The premium workstation models mirror the entry level range . The WH66 offering the Mono and Dual headband style headsets, and the WH67 the lightweight convertible headset. 

The headsets themselves are the same, the principle difference between the entry and premium products is the base unit. The first thing we notice is the premium range features a 4 inch colour touch screen. This offers intuitive call control and enhances the management of your connected devices. Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices, and  full duplex speakerphone on the base are also features unique to the premium range. Compatibility with the optional Qi wireless charging stand is also only found on the premium range.

Wearing Styles to Suit Everyone

The Yealink WH6 Range features both Mono and Dual headband style headsets (WH62 and WH66). There is also a lightweight convertible headset (WH63 and WH67). The headband style headsets are relatively lightweight. The Mono, at just 80g and the Dual weighing in at 127g making them comfortable enough to use all day long. Both of the headband style headsets have a feature ‘Intelligent Muting’. This useful feature automatically mutes your microphone when you lift the boom arm above 30 degrees.

The headsets also feature a visual in-use indicator on the side of the headset. The convertible headset really is one of the lightest on the market, at just 19g when fitted with the ear loop. The ear loop is one of three wearing styles, it comes supplied with a headband and a neckband. There is a slight payoff for the reduction in weight. The convertible headset offers 8 hours talk-time, compared to the 13 hours for the Mono and 14 for the Dual headset. The range of the convertible is also slightly lower, 120m rather than 160m on the headband style headsets.

Our Verdict on the Yealink WH6 Range

The headsets themselves perform well, giving good sound quality and all products feature Yealink’s Acoustic Shield noise cancelling technology. We found this to be effective at shielding our callers from unwanted background noise in the office. Performance-wise we found call quality and usability to be in no way inferior to their more established rivals. There are limitations however, with limited compatibility with traditional deskphones. The target market is the multi-device UC user, but we feel they will appeal in particular to customers with existing Yealink deskphones.


What really makes the Yealink WH6 range stand out from the competition, is the price. The entry level products are currently priced at between £75 (Mono) to £90 (Dual) which for a Teams certified dual connectivity (deskphone and PC) headset is extremely competitive. The premium range at £140-£150 is unique in the market for a triple connectivity (deskphone, PC and mobile) and considering for that you get a product with a colour touchscreen user interface the WH66 and WH67 really are an enticing proposition for the multi-device UC professional.


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