Konftel C20800 ScreenBeam Wireless Video Conference Bundle

£1,950.00 ex.VAT £2,340.00 inc.VAT

The Konftel ScreenBeam C20800 Video Bundles Includes:

Konftel Cam20 Conference Camera
Konftel 800 Conference Phone (PoE Injector not included)
ScreenBeam 1100 Plus Wireless Sharing Device
Konftel OCC Hub
Konftel BT30 Bluetooth Dongle


The Konftel C20800 ScreenBeam Wireless Video Bundle lets meeting room participants wirelessly connect to their room display from any device. ScreenBeam’s collaboration and content sharing innovation also allows connection to connected room camera, microphone and speakers. This enables completely wireless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) meetings on any meeting app.

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This wireless sharing technology makes it the perfect partner for Konftel’s existing hybrid video conferencing bundles, which provide high quality cameras and market leading audio devices. When not being used for video calls ScreenBeam 1100 Plus will also bring many other advantages to your meeting allowing up to four users to simultaneously share content wirelessly onto the room display, bringing meetings, presentations and training sessions to life. The wireless connection uses your devices native Windows, iOS or Android sharing technology meaning there is no need for a 3rd Party app or dongle. Click here for more details on the ScreenBeam 1100 Plus and for details of the strategic partnership between Konftel & ScreenBeam

The Konftel C20800 is the perfect video package for huddle to large meeting rooms, combining the Konftel Cam20 4K conference camera with the Konftel 800 speakerphone for OmniSound® audio quality. For larger meeting rooms where a higher specification camera is required there is the Konftel C50800 Hybrid which also has superior and expandable audio handling capability.

The Konftel C20800 Hybrid is a versatile video collaboration solution, designed for small to large meeting rooms. It features the Konftel Cam20 4K conference camera, the Konftel 800 conference phone with OmniSound® and Konftel OCC Hub. A single USB cable is all you need to connect the powerful wide angle camera, scalable audio and the room’s screen to the collaboration app on your computer.  WIth the Konftel C20800 ScreenBeam Wireless Bundle the OCC Hub is still required to provide power to the camera, but the ScreenBeam negates the need to connect a laptop or computer via a USB cable.

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A wider picture

The Konftel C20800 features a Konftel Cam20 which is optimised for situations where the conference camera needs to be positioned close to the table. Firstly, the 123° field of view means that all the participants can sit in a comfortable position and still fit into the video image. At the same time, the camera creates a realistic image with no distortion. But actually, the Konftel Cam20 is equally at home in medium-sized and even large rooms thanks to it’s 4K capabilities.

The camera is quick and easy to mount in the meeting room. Use the flexible clamp to attach it to the screen or screw the base onto a stand in the perfect position.

Impressive video quality

With the Konftel Cam20 USB conference camera, a clear and balanced image is assured. WDR technology automatically adjusts to achieve a great picture in different light conditions. Even in the most challenging ones such as low light, direct sunlight and high contrast.

4K video resolution also allows for a superb digital zoom. Even at the maximum 8x zoom, the camera is still perfectly capable of producing a detailed image. So choose the framing you want to show and let the camera do the rest. For those who require an even more powerful camera, there is also the Konftel C50800 which features the Konftel Cam50.

OmniSound for power and clarity

Konftel’s refined audio platform OmniSound® with beam-forming microphones works actively to keep the dialog flowing in your meeting. In the Konftel C20800 the Cam C20 is paired with a Konftel 800 conference phone, the result is particularly powerful and clear sound that allows participants to relax, knowing that they can hear well and be heard. This creates a natural sense of presence. To enable a wireless connection between the ScreenBeam and your Konftel 800 conference phone we include a Konftel BT30 Bluetooth Dongle. To achieve a neat installation of your Konftel 800 you may also want to consider the Konftel 800 Ceiling Mount as an alternative to the traditional desktop placement. The Konftel 800 is powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE). If you don’t have power available over your network you will need to order a Konftel 800 PoE Injector. For larger spaces you can link multiple Konftel 800 units together using the Konftel 800 Daisy Chain Cables.

Small – Medium Scenarios

The new generation OmniSound® provides a best-in-class audio experience. Therefore a single Konftel 800 is perfect for meetings with up to 12 participants.

Medium – Large Scenarios

With the Konftel Smart Microphone, you can expand the pick-up range to handle larger conferences with up to 20 people. You can connect either one or two expansion microphones, depending on the size of the room. The Konftel Smart Microphone has built-in cancellation of echo and background noise through OmniSound®.

Large – X-Large Scenarios

The cascading, daisy chaining feature extends both the sound distribution and pick-up range for maximum coverage. It gives you rich and full audio even in large rooms with more than 20 people. Up to three Konftel 800 devices can be daisy-chained by cable, completely without hassle and complexity.



Konftel BYOD Wireless Diagram


How Hybrid Conferencing Works

It’s as simple as it is ingenious, wouldn’t you say? This is how the components of Konftel C50800 Wireless Video Bundle fit together. The ScreenBeam connects via HDMI to your room display and via USB to your camera. The connection to the audio device is via the supplied BT30 Dongle, which plugs into the ScreenBeam. Your laptop or wireless device connect to the ScreenBeam wirelessly at the touch of a button, giving a truly wireless BYOD conferencing solution.

Award winner for intuitive usability

The Konftel 800 offers connectivity for USB, Bluetooth® and SIP, enabling BYOD and use of all today’s communication and collaboration tools, whether in the cloud, on premise or in hybrid environments. The conference phone also meets the high standards we demand from all our products in terms of design and usability. In fact, the Konftel 800 is the winner of a Red Dot Award 2019 for its product design. Jury statement: “The design of the Konftel 800 conference phone stands out for its distinctive use of forms and an intuitive usability.”

No hassle guarantee

The ingenious ScreenBeam content sharing device is the hub of the wireless video collaboration solution. It offers wireless connection to the conference camera, speakerphone and screen. In practice, this means the Konftel C20800 ScreenBeam Wireless Bundle fully supports wireless BYOD: Bring Your Own Device, where the user can utilise their preferred collaboration service on any laptop or mobile device with a wireless connection.

Bring your own meeting

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or any other cloud service? Whatever you prefer, the flexible Konftel C20800 ScreenBeam Wireless Video Bundle will take care of the experience in the conference room. There is no need for any additional apps or dongles, you simply connect to the ScreenBeam using your computer or mobile devices native sharing software, whether it is Windows, iOS or Android, launch your meeting, and you are good to go!

The flexibility of hybrid

The benefit of the hybrid nature of the Konftel ScreenBeam bundles is that you can enjoy the same technology but with the hardware to suit your meeting room. There is the simple choice of two cameras and two audio conference phones. For smaller rooms there are two Cam20 bundles, the Konftel C2070 ScreenBeam that comes with the Konftel 70, and the C20800 ScreenBeam which includes the Konftel 80 conference phone. For larger rooms where a higher spec PTZ camera is required there is a Konftel C5070 ScreenBeam with the Konftel 70, and the top of the range Konftel C50800 ScreenBeam, with the expandable Konftel 800 which is suitable for the largest boardrooms, classrooms and lecture theatres.

Konftel C20800 Hybrid Conferencing

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