Welcome to RingCentral, the #1 cloud communications solution

Our criteria for choosing a cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions partner was based on three things, innovation, sustainability and reliability and RingCentral ticked all three of those boxes.

Handset Solutions have been providing cloud-based telephone systems to our customers for many years, but RingCentral is so much more than just a telephone system; it’s a comprehensive platform of features that unify voice, business messaging, team messaging and collaboration, conferencing, video meetings, webinars, contact centre and fax and is capable of empowering todays mobile and distributed workforces to be connected wherever they are and on any device.

More than 350,000 organisations worldwide have already chosen RingCentral to connect their employees and communicate with their customers. Last year RingCentral’s position as market leader was confirmed when they were awarded UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) magic quadrant leader by Gartner for the 5th successive year.

RingCentral can boast an uptime of 99.999% the highest possible for a cloud-hosted telephone system, meaning you should expect no more than a few minutes of down-time per year. With 17 data centres worldwide, should one shut down or experience technical issues the data will instantly transfer to one of the other centres.

Message. Video. Phone. Together.

So much more than just a business phone, RingCentral lets you get more done with integrated messaging, video conferencing and telephone calls. Everything you need to get work done, wherever you are, is all together, for any device, in one beautifully designed and easy to use app.

Working from home has never been so easy. With RingCentral you can take your office with you wherever you go. You are contactable on the same number, able to make and receive calls on any device, wherever you are with no need to give out your personal mobile number.

Collaborate from anywhere. Getting on the same page has never been easier than with RingCentral’s Glip. It’s a messaging platform that works on all your favourite devices, empowering users to set up teams and chat in real-time and organise conversations by particular projects or topics. Instant messaging provides a much faster, free flowing, productive alternative to internal emails. As it is fully integrated you can launch a phone call, a video call or schedule a meeting with one simple click, all from within the app. Where as with other popular chat apps for the workplace you may start to hit limits, how many files you can share, how many messages you can search, how many users you can add, with Glip none of these apply. Use it for as long as you like, with as many users as you like, as extensively as you like, with no hidden usage costs. 

Meet face to face with colleagues with HD Voice and video and integrated screen sharing. No downloads, no 3rd Party software required, just one click and you can host or join meetings directly from your browser or from the RingCentral app on your laptop, tablet or mobile. Every meeting is protected with comprehensive enterprise grade security ensuring every meeting is private and secure. 

At the heart of RingCentral lies an enterprise grade cloud-based telephone system which boasts an industry leading 99.999% uptime. With no need for expensive on site equipment and fixed monthly cost per user, you can keep your existing telephone numbers and the system is completely scalable, you can simply add users, departments or even new offices, all with a few clicks. You can choose VoIP phones from a range of manufacturers, use your current devices, or eliminate the need for traditional desktop telephones completely by using desktop or mobile device apps.

RingCentral Integrations

RingCentral integrations streamline and enhance your productivity by adding communications capabilities into your essential applications and workflows. By bringing the features of RingCentral Office into the applications you are already using everyday, users can eliminate the time wasted switching between programs to call, fax, conference, meet and communicate ideas with the rest of your team. 

There are over a hundred integrations with popular software such as Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Zendesk Oracle, Zoom, and Dropbox and if you have business critical software that isn’t on the list, corporate and commercial application developers can access the RingCentral Connect Platform API’s and SDK’s to seamlessly adapt and integrate RingCentral into their enterprise’s workflows. So whether you want to launch calls from within your CRM, start a video call from your mailbox or even bring together all of your customer engagement from your social media activity into one place, with RingCentral integrations, anything is possible.

Many organisation have already made considerable investment in Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams integration from RingCentral will enable you to leverage more value from that investment, you can call and meet using RingCentral without having to leave your Teams workspace. RingCentral works across Microsoft Teams to bring you enterprise grade communication capabilities and telephone system features into your existing Teams environment.

With effective integrations you can unleash the potential of your favourite applications, respond to your customers more quickly and make your sales, support and customer service teams more productive.