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The terms corded, or wired headset is used to describe a headset that connects directly to a telephone. Anybody who spends any considerable time on the telephone as part of their working day will benefit in terms of productivity from using a headset. The primary consideration when choosing a headset is the wearing style. Monaural headsets have just the one ear-piece making them ideal for users who also need to be aware of what is going on around them and converse with colleagues without having to take their headset off between calls. Binaural headsets, which cover both ears are ideal for users who need to be completely focussed on their calls and not be distracted by what might be going on around them.  There are also headsets that are worn over the ear or behind the head for users that don’t want headband.

Another consideration when buying a headset is noise-cancelling. Headsets that feature a noise-cancelling microphone assist by suppressing the background noise, meaning your caller hears you more clearly, rather than whatever else might be going on in the office around you. Corded headsets are usually sold in two parts, a headset top, and a cord, known as a connection or bottom cord. There is no standard to which telephones are built, so where as the headset tops are universal, the cord you need to connect them to a phone will vary depending on the phone you want to connect it to. If you are in any doubt as to what you need to order just contact our sales team, let them know what make and model of phone you want to connect your headset to and they will let you know exactly what you need to ensure your headset works perfectly.

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Handset Solutions HS206 Binaural NC Headset

Original price was: £39.00.Current price is: £35.00. ex.VAT £42.00 inc.VAT

Jabra BIZ2300 Duo NC Headset

£95.00 ex.VAT £114.00 inc.VAT

Jabra GN2100 Telecoil Headset

£131.75 ex.VAT £158.10 inc.VAT