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Distance meetings are now commonplace in businesses both large and small. Conference calls offer a cost effective means of holding meetings between multiple parties, offering savings on travel costs and time spent travelling.  Handset Solutions have a range of audio conferencing solutions suitable for the largest boardrooms through to desktop solutions ideal for the occasional Microsoft Teams or Zoom call.

Traditionally conference phones have required a standard analogue telephone line to plug them in to. For some businesses this is prohibitive or limits where conference telephones can be deployed. The solutions for this issue include IP conference phones and system specific units which are available for use with some Avaya, Nortel, Cisco and Mitel systems. There are also conference phones you can connect to your PC or mobile and a high end conference solution unit that will connect to your system via any existing system telephone, making it both flexible and portable.

For many years the price of video conferencing has been prohibitive but the advent of high speed internet connections has meant that there are now very few of us who haven’t taken part in video calls from our laptop or desktop computers. We have video conferencing solutions suitable for the largest boardrooms, for meeting rooms and a range of webcams that will enhance your Teams and Zoom calls that are so often restricted by the poor quality onboard cameras in our laptops. Whether it is for audio, or video, call Handset Solutions today to discuss your requirement for conferencing equipment.

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Jabra Panacast 50 Video Bar

£830.00 ex.VAT £996.00 inc.VAT

Konftel 70 Conference Speaker

£188.00 ex.VAT £225.60 inc.VAT

Logitech MeetUp

£560.00 ex.VAT £672.00 inc.VAT

Mersive Solstice Pod Gen3 Wireless Presentation System

£1,135.00£1,320.00 ex.VAT £1,362.00 inc.VAT

Vivitek NovoConnect NC-X300

£665.00 ex.VAT £798.00 inc.VAT

Vivitek NovoConnect NC-X700

£1,125.00 ex.VAT £1,350.00 inc.VAT

Vivitek NovoTouch Collaborative Touch Panel

£1,375.00£3,150.00 ex.VAT £1,650.00 inc.VAT

Konftel Cam10 Webcam

£90.00 ex.VAT £108.00 inc.VAT

Konftel CC200 Video Conference Unit

£555.00 ex.VAT £666.00 inc.VAT