Konftel Cam 10

With almost universal access to fast internet connection, we all have the ability to make high quality face to face video calls from our desktop. Video conferencing was once reserved for large corporate organisations with calls being routed over costly ISDN lines, the large amounts of data transmitted and received in making video calls were restrictive with a typical HD video call requiring approximately 1.5Mbps. The advent of ‘superfast’ fibre broadband and much faster connection speeds means that almost all of us can make video calls from our desktop using services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Firefox Hello or Google Hangouts.

Most laptops have a built in webcam, but these are often fairly low quality with 2 mega pixels or less. With an onboard webcam you are also restricted in where you point the webcam, so you can enhance your video calling experience with a high quality webcam like the ones you will find from manufacturers such as HiHo, Microsoft and Logitech.

In addition to a range of webcams Handset Solutions supply other display equipment, such as projectors, ideal for sharing presentations, video or other content from your computer.

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ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch

£105.00 ex.VAT £126.00 inc.VAT

Yealink MeetingBoard 65″ For Microsoft Teams

£2,790.00 ex.VAT £3,348.00 inc.VAT

Yealink MeetingBoard 86″ For Microsoft Teams

£4,399.00 ex.VAT £5,278.80 inc.VAT

Yealink RoomCast

£230.00 ex.VAT £276.00 inc.VAT

Yealink RoomCast with WPP20 Bundle

£340.00 ex.VAT £408.00 inc.VAT

Yealink UVC20 Desktop Webcam

£70.00 ex.VAT £84.00 inc.VAT

Jabra PanaCast 20 4K Ultra HD Webcam

£148.00 ex.VAT £177.60 inc.VAT

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD 4K Webcam

£127.50 ex.VAT £153.00 inc.VAT

Logitech C920e Business Webcam

£72.50 ex.VAT £87.00 inc.VAT

Logitech MeetUp

£580.00 ex.VAT £696.00 inc.VAT

Mersive Solstice Pod Gen3 Wireless Presentation System

£1,650.00£1,900.00 ex.VAT £1,980.00 inc.VAT

Vivitek NovoConnect NC-X300

£665.00 ex.VAT £798.00 inc.VAT

Vivitek NovoConnect NC-X700

£1,125.00 ex.VAT £1,350.00 inc.VAT

Vivitek NovoTouch Collaborative Touch Panel

£1,375.00£3,150.00 ex.VAT £1,650.00 inc.VAT

Konftel Cam10 Webcam

£45.00 ex.VAT £54.00 inc.VAT

Yealink UVC30 4K Desktop Web Camera

£75.00 ex.VAT £90.00 inc.VAT

HiHo 1000W Webcam 1080 HD

£22.50 ex.VAT £27.00 inc.VAT