At Handset Solutions we boast the widest range of headset accessories available on the market. In the section you will find a range of cords, leads, adaptors, headset training devices, batteries and even replacement headsets to use with your wireless headset base station. In the interest of hygiene it is recommended that replaceable parts on a headset such as ear cushions and voicetubes are changed every three to six months. We stock replacement parts for all major headset brands, so why not refresh your existing headsets today.

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Poly DA75 USB Audio Cable

£33.50 ex.VAT £40.20 inc.VAT

Jabra GN 9300 DHSG Cord

£23.00 ex.VAT £27.60 inc.VAT

Jabra QD to RJ45 Cord Curly

£13.00 ex.VAT £15.60 inc.VAT

Jabra Link 850 Amplifier

£67.36 ex.VAT £80.83 inc.VAT