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VoIP or SiP telephones look very similar to normal telephones, but they connect to the data network rather than to a standard PSTN line. Voice calls are converted to data and carried over the internet, rather than over traditional copper wires. VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a general term for routing voice calls over the internet, where as SiP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an open standard protocol that has become a standard for the majority of unified Communications equipment manufacturers.

At Handset Solutions we stock a range SiP enabled handsets from a multitude of manufacturers, including Snom, Yealink, Polycom, Cisco and Grandstream, ensuring whatever your requirement we will have the perfect SiP handsets for you.

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Yealink T42U IP Telephone

£61.00 ex.VAT £73.20 inc.VAT

Yealink T46U IP Telephone

£100.00 ex.VAT £120.00 inc.VAT

Yealink T48U IP Phone

£145.00 ex.VAT £174.00 inc.VAT

Snom D305 Desk Phone

£77.68 ex.VAT £93.22 inc.VAT

Yealink T30P IP Telephone

£29.50 ex.VAT £35.40 inc.VAT

Yealink T31G IP Telephone

£39.50 ex.VAT £47.40 inc.VAT

Yealink T33G IP Telephone

£50.43 ex.VAT £60.52 inc.VAT

Mitel 6930 IP Phone

£180.00 ex.VAT £216.00 inc.VAT

Mitel 6940 IP Phone

£295.00 ex.VAT £354.00 inc.VAT

Polycom VVX 150

£46.12 ex.VAT £55.34 inc.VAT

Polycom VVX 250

£92.95 ex.VAT £111.54 inc.VAT

Polycom VVX 350

£123.69 ex.VAT £148.43 inc.VAT

Polycom VVX 450

£165.00 ex.VAT £198.00 inc.VAT