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Most companies, large or small have a meeting room or designated space that is used for holding meetings. Fitting an audio conferencing unit in that room enables you to add more participants to the meeting without them needing to be present in the room. Whether single remote users joining the meeting on a landline or mobile, or another group on another conference phone at another location. Handset Solutions have a range of conference phones suitable for meeting rooms, large or small.

The majority of conference phones connect to a standard analogue telephone line, so you will need to ensure there is a suitable point to plug the unit. There are also conference phones that work on IP and will connect directly into a data socket, and others that work as a system phone on a specific system. We can now provide wireless IP conferencing which lets you connect to your telephone system without the need for any cabling.

We supply a wide range of conferencing accessories including additional microphones enabling larger groups to make use of your existing audio conferencing unit. Video conferencing may be less expensive than you may have thought and we have a range of video conferencing units and cameras suitable for everything from the desktop, to the largest boardrooms. With the limitations on face to face meetings and the increase in remote working there has never been a better time to enhance your conference calls with video. For advice on compatibility or for a recommendation on the most suitable unit for your particular requirement please contact one of our sales team.

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Ipevo Vocal

£145.00 ex.VAT £174.00 inc.VAT

Jabra Speak2 75 Conference Phone

£200.00 ex.VAT £240.00 inc.VAT

Yealink CP700 Teams USB Speaker

£68.00 ex.VAT £81.60 inc.VAT

Yealink CP925 Conference Phone

£265.00 ex.VAT £318.00 inc.VAT

Yealink MSpeech Conference Speakerphone

£300.00 ex.VAT £360.00 inc.VAT

Konftel 70 Conference Speaker

£220.00 ex.VAT £264.00 inc.VAT

Konftel 300Wx Wireless Conference Phone

£360.00£470.00 ex.VAT £432.00 inc.VAT

Polycom SoundStation 2 Conference Phone

£95.00£345.00 ex.VAT £114.00 inc.VAT