Analogue telephones are sometimes known as POT phones, meaning Plain Ordinary Telephones. Like the phone you have at home they are usually fitted with a white BT type plug and will connect directly to the PSTN without the need for a telephone system. So if you are looking for a telephone for the home, then it is likely you require an analogue telephone.

Some digital telephone systems are equipped with analogue extensions so you can connect POT phones to the system. These phones are usually cheaper than system specific telephones and can provide basic telephony at a low cost for users who do not need the advanced features and functionality of a system telephone.

In this section we have broken down the range of analogue telephones into those ideal for business use, home phones, telephone answer machines and also phones that are easy to use. These phones may have bigger buttons are louder receive gain levels making them idea for users who are visually impaired or hard of hearing.

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