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VoIP or Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) is the technology of routing voice traffic over the internet network rather than the the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Handset Solutions provide a wide range of VoIP handsets for open source SiP telephone systems from most of the major manufacturers including Snom, Yealink, Polycom, Aastra, Cisco, Mitel, Avaya and Panasonic. We also supply VoIP gateways, used to connect existing equipment to to the VoIP network, from manufacturers including both Patton and Mediatrix.

Hosted PBX offers business a modern alternative to a costly onsite telephone system. Instead of having the system located on premise, it’s is located ‘in the cloud’, in secure data centres accessed by the internet. Users have access to all the features and functionality associated with top end telephone systems, at a fraction of the cost. It also means that you can work anywhere, in exactly the same way as you can in the office. With the increase in remote working there has never been a better time to consider replacing your legacy telephone system and replacing it with a state of the art hosted telephone system.

Handset Solutions partner with RingCentral, NFON and Simplified Hosted so are perfectly positioned to offer impartial advice as to which system best fits your requirements. Whether you require an integrated messaging and video platform, you wish to integrate with an existing Microsoft Teams installation, or whether you just want a simple, no nonsense telephone system to make, receive and transfer calls wherever you are in the world, just like you can in the office, we’ve got the perfect hosted PBX solution for you.

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Cisco 6921 3PCC Handset

£58.00 ex.VAT £69.60 inc.VAT

Cisco 7821 3PCC Handset

£90.00 ex.VAT £108.00 inc.VAT

Poly Rove 30 DECT Handset

£160.00 ex.VAT £192.00 inc.VAT

Poly Rove 40 DECT Handset

£240.00 ex.VAT £288.00 inc.VAT

Poly Rove B2 DECT Base Station

£180.00 ex.VAT £216.00 inc.VAT

Poly Rove B4 DECT Base

£280.00 ex.VAT £336.00 inc.VAT

Poly Rove R8 Repeater

£170.00 ex.VAT £204.00 inc.VAT

Yealink MP52 Microsoft Teams Phone

£135.00 ex.VAT £162.00 inc.VAT

Yealink T31P VoIP Telephone

£32.50 ex.VAT £39.00 inc.VAT

Yealink T43U SiP Business Phone

£68.00 ex.VAT £81.60 inc.VAT

Yealink W76P VoIP DECT Telephone

£88.50 ex.VAT £106.20 inc.VAT

Yealink W77P VoIP DECT System

£126.00 ex.VAT £151.20 inc.VAT

Yealink W78P VoIP DECT System

£118.00 ex.VAT £141.60 inc.VAT