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Wireless headsets allow users to move away from the desk whilst on the telephone, leading to increased productivity as well as user comfort and satisfaction. Using a handset lifters or electronic hook switch (EHS) cables users can answer calls remotely whilst away from their desk, reducing the chances of missing important calls.

The two main considerations when choosing a wireless headset are the wearing style, and what devices you want to connect your headset with. Convertible headsets that can be worn with a headband, or over the ear are popular, but you can also get a more traditional monaural (one ear-piece) or binaural (two ear-piece) head-band stye headset.

The second consideration is what devices you want to be able to use your headset with. With the rise of Unified Communications in the workplace there is a need to use a single headset to take calls on multiple devices. The first device you may wish to connect your headset to is your desk phone. If your telephone has a headset port, or the handset cord is detachable, then you should be able to use a wireless headset. It is increasingly common for calls to be taken directly from the PC, using a softphone application such as Skype, a compatible headset can also be used to listen to audio files on your computer and simply connects via USB. Finally there are wireless headsets that also feature Bluetooth connectivity. This enables us to connect our headset with our mobile phones or even a Bluetooth voice enabled computer. This is particularly useful for those of us who need to take calls in the office on both the deskphone and the mobile.

Handset Solutions also supply wireless headsets designed for use in a retail environment. These high quality headsets provide crystal clear, fully duplex two-way conversation between on-site teams working together. For more information about ICS Retail headsets, click here, and find out how to empower your team and improve your customer service.

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