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Not all of us need a phone that will let us surf the web, check our emails and update our social media accounts. Some just want a phone to make telephone calls, and maybe send and receive the odd text message. Handset Solutions have a range of mobile phones that are ideal for those that are either hearing or visually impaired but also well suited for those that just want a phone that is easy to use.

A phone that is easy to use doesn’t necessarily have to compromise on features. We have a range of smartphones that are made with seniors in mind, they are hearing aid compatible, have large, easy to read fonts, and are built on a simplified, intuitive operating system.

If you are registered as being disabled you will be eligible to purchase handsets from this ‘easy to use’ category VAT free. You can download a copy of the self declaration VAT Exemption certificate, complete and return it to us and one of our team will contact you to take a payment and arrange convenient delivery of your new phone.

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Doro 2404 2G Mobile Phone

£35.00 ex.VAT £42.00 inc.VAT

Doro 5860 4G Feature Phone

£58.50 ex.VAT £70.20 inc.VAT

Doro 6820 4G Flip Phone

£70.50 ex.VAT £84.60 inc.VAT

Doro 6880 4G Flip Phone

£78.00 ex.VAT £93.60 inc.VAT

Doro 7030 Clamshell Mobile

£80.00 ex.VAT £96.00 inc.VAT

Doro Secure 580

£88.00 ex.VAT £105.60 inc.VAT