Sometimes we need a telephone for a particular task, or for an enviroment where an ordinary telephone simply won’t do. At Handset Solutions we can provide telephones suitable for use in even the harshest of enviroments. Whether you need a phone that is weatherproof, vandal resistant, hygienic or even intrinsically safe for use in hazardous or controlled enviroments we have the ideal product for you.

Handset Solutions also provide a range of door entry phones that allow you to use your telephone system to control a door lock enabling remote access to a building, either by a code access card or fob.

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Ascom d83 Messenger

£470.00 ex.VAT £564.00 inc.VAT

Ascom d83 Messenger ATEX

£930.00 ex.VAT £1,116.00 inc.VAT

Ascom d83 Protector

£840.00 ex.VAT £1,008.00 inc.VAT

Ascom d83 Protector ATEX

£1,225.00 ex.VAT £1,470.00 inc.VAT

Ascom d83 Talker

£300.00 ex.VAT £360.00 inc.VAT