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A two way radio is one that can both transmit and receive a signal, enabling the user to hold conversations with other users on the same frequency. Mobile two way radios and sometimes referred to as walkie-talkies. Unlike a mobile phone conversations are not fully duplex, or two way, so the radio will either transmit or receive, but not both at the same time. Most two way radios operate using a push to talk, or PTT system. The radio will, by default be in receive mode, but pressing the PTT button put the radio into transmit mode.

All the radios supplied by Handset Solutions use the licence free PMR446 part of the UHF radio frequency range. This means that business and personal users can use radios for free without the need for a licence. The range of radios on this frequency is dictated in large part by the environment that the radio is used, in a heavily built up area it may be limited to a few hundred metres, where in wide open flat countryside you may enjoy a range of 10km with the same radio.

Handset Solutions stock a wide range of two way radios, from sturdy high end units built to withstand the rigours of a building site, to low cost devices, usually sold in pairs designed for domestic use. Whether you need a radio for industry, commercial use, or for outdoor pursuits we have got the perfect radio to suit your needs.

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